Saturday, 2 November 2013


The pants that I'm featuring in this post from Lilly and Wolf are my favourite boyfriend pants ever. They are 100% amazing quality, the best fit and give the illusion that I don't have Miley Cyrus' ass. No hating on Miley but seriously, these pants are everything you want in a boyfriend pant- they are a little loose at the top, but tight fitting on the bottom. I'd also like to add that I'm 178cm and I can never find pants that are lengthy enough for me so if you have tall girl problems, don't stress, Lilly and Wolf has you covered! They are also available in white with a black leather panel. If you're looking for a staple boyfriend pant I'd go for these because you can wear them with nearly anything, a little pricey, however, definitely something to invest in because I can assure you that the cost-per-wear will be efficient. My obsession with Kanye has gotten a little crazy, now that I feel like I must wear this top everyday to show my love. (Even just at home, I'm wearing it right now as we speak...I'll probably by another two). Again, you can wear this top with so many things, such as black/white skort, any jeans or black leather shorts. Now for the heels..well they are definitely visually appealing when it's not 36 degrees but are definitely not comfy. But, beauty is pain and again, they go with literally everything and again, are a staple wardrobe item so I couldn't resist.

I hope you all enjoy this post and leave some comments below! 

Photographer: Shabana Azeez
Make-up: Tiana Della Putta
'Team YEEZY' top available to purchase at

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