Monday, 27 October 2014


Hi beautiful people!

I wanted to do an entire blog post for inexpensive clothing that I think you can't go wrong with. I get so many requests to do affordable looks and honestly, it's super hard for me because I have a very picky taste in fashion and what I like to post on my Instagram so I thought why share the websites I regularly check that offers affordable fashion. I'm not employed at the moment so the struggle is real for me, I also want everyone to know that you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars to look like a million bucks.

I've gone through a few of my favorite websites as listed below, that I regularly check. They all vary in pricing but for the most part, are reasonably priced.

From the range of websites I have listed above you're able to find everything you need for a timeless wardrobe! Happy shopping lovelies and if you have any more requests on what you would like my next blog post to be about just send a message through to :)

Hope you all found this post useful!
Breanna x

Saturday, 18 October 2014

My thoughts and gratitude about...100K, the power of social media, GROWTH, doing YOU and its OK to be different


Throughout the past two years I've gone through a lot of obstacles, big or small they've shaped me into who I am today and most importantly, have made me indestructible. You’re probably wondering how this relates to my Instagram but at the same period of this what I like to call “GROWTH” time, I had started my Instagram. I started my Instagram from initially posting my outfit sets on my personal IG account. I got told I should make a complete separate account for them so that’s exactly what I did. For those of you who have been following me from the start may re-call my Instagram being named ‘breannaspolvyore’ I soon changed after to ‘styledbybreanna’ as I slowly began realising at that moment, I wanted to become a mix between a fashion stylist and a creative director, basically, a visionary. People always ask me how I got this many followers and to be frank with you, you just have to post what you love and if other people love it to then that’s a huge bonus. I didn’t pay for my followers, I didn’t ask for this Instagram fame by asking for shout-outs or paying for promotion. I simply followed my dreams. For those of you who want me to elaborate, I literally just posted when I made a new outfit. In the first 4-6 months of my account, I literally would wake up at 5am, sometimes 3am just because I was thinking about it. In lessons, I would post too. Girls at school would laugh because they thought I was wasting my time, they underestimated and limited me, thinking where is this going to get her? All I have to say to them now, is nothing, because I know they are aware of my successes. Anyways, I have always been persistent, and my definition of persistent may vary to some of you. I mean I did post 3-6 times a day. I did ask a few of my main inspirations, Monica Rose, Elle Ferguson and Chloe Morello, just to name a few, to look at my account, and they did. Most didn’t follow but they did like my posts which helped a lot. From looking at Chloe Morellos success from her YouTube, making her own hobby- her career was so inspiring to me. I then realised that holy shit, wait, there is so much more recognition I should give to social media. When I had started to get numerous followers a day, I realised I should take this to my advantage and prioritize my Instagram like it was not only a hobby, but a job too. Of course, it didn’t feel like a job to me, but I thought I could start creating opportunities for myself, and that’s exactly what I did. Not only did I create opportunities for myself, I created my own destiny. Most people tell me I have the most far-fetched goals yet I'm telling you, even with all the constant hate I get, even if one day I turn blind, I wouldn't even let that affect me. I’m not starting my dreams now because I want to retire early, it’s purely because this is my passion. This is what I want to do every second and every day of my life-  24/7, this aint some 9-5 bullshit. I hope that whist you read this, you look at your life and you are doing what you love if not, keep reading, I'll try and motivate you. 


Today, the power of social media should never be underestimated. From day one of starting this account, I never knew the power of social media, or Instagram, to be specific and I never knew that my life would become how it is now. I know it sounds crazy and a little dramatic, but seriously, the amount of opportunities I have received, the amount of amazing, creative and talented people I have met and the amount of determination you guys give me every day, is all thanks to each and every one of you. If you are crazy talented or are doing what you love and don’t have an Instagram account to showcase your talent, get on it. If you are an aspiring fashion stylist, personal trainer, model, make-up artist, hair stylist, illustrator, anyone wanting to expose themselves to new clients and new opportunities, start an Instagram account now. Post pictures of your work, do what you love and get yourself out there. For those of who you don’t feel confident in themselves to do so, today is the day to start doing what you love, and only what you love. If you can’t put your whole heart into it the pull yourself out of it.

I have seen a few close friends follow their dream on social media platforms and you should see the growth and new levels they have fucking achieved in their life. It’s crazy. It’s amazing and it’s fucking fulfilling. It’s just crazy how once you follow your dreams and people love what you do, you just find this new-found confidence that you never thought was possible. Basically, you reach new levels, and life just gets better and better.

This might sound a little crazy but there is something SO fulfilling to post something on a social media platform which is able to be translated into another punch to fight off any obstacles in the way of your dreams and also another step closer to my dreams, yes you may call me crazy, but I'm 110% feeling it.

doing YOU:

Anyways, what really astounds me was that after simply doing what I love, following my dreams, I received emails telling me I've inspired them by simply following my dreams and going after what I love. Yes that’s amaaaaaazing to hear and it is probably the most fulfilling and rewarding thing to hear but I find it so fucked up, it actually shakes me. The fact that SO many people have this mentality of following the everyday, set, zombie-like schedule that 90% of the world has adapted to and don't know otherwise, and that doing what you love and what makes you happy and ideally following your dreams is out of the norm- is scary to me. It still shakes me today. I guess it’s because I have the I can do anything attitude however why are so many people afraid of doing what makes them happy? I could write a book about not conforming to other peoples wants but all I can say to sum this all up quickly is to NEVER create or shape your life around other peoples desires. Of course, I understand that you have strict parents, you may have been brought up from a strict culture but seriously, this is your life, you’re the one living it. If you still have worries or limitations ask yourself “Is it because society taught you a certain way to do things, or to act, look or be a certain way? If so, say fuck the system. Be different. Be you. The right fucking people will come around. Be fucking happy. Only invest time into what your heart pumps for. Be an entrepreneur, be your own boss yet be realistic. However, do not be scared because everything is uncertain. 

its OK to be different:

Now most of you probably just know me as another insta famuz blogger/stylist however I feel like what I'm about to say to you all right now may give you a more deep and meaningful insight into who I really am. I have exposed the  what used to be personal information below as I feel like some of you may be able to relate to it. I'm a very open person so if you do relate to these things, and need advice, or just somebody to talk to, I'm an email away - If you're down, email me, I'll get you out of your stump. I'll hold your hand every single step of the way, seriously...I put my heart into everything I do. 

Every since I can remember, I really never fitted in. I've always been the outsider and always thought something was wrong with me. I tried to conform numerous amounts of time but honestly hated myself for it, so I stopped. I honestly feel like I could write a book about self-growth and how to overcome the bullies and how to truly accept yourself but I may just save that for later, who knows, I might actually publish a book but only when I am a grown woman...I'm just 17 so I know i have a lot more to experience and learn and mature from. 

To put it simply, I've been kicked through the dirt, picked on down to the bone numerous times, at one stage, been bullied by a whole year level, had all my self-esteem taken away from me, suffered from anxiety and depression. Two years ago, I decided to say FUCK IT. I am in charge of my own life. I determine my happiness. I accept who I am even if that means I’m different. After all, without acceptance, how will I ever be content? I’m really trying to sum this all up quite shortly but my moral of the story is seriously, if you’re different, it’s okay. Do not conform. Be happy that you stand out from the crowd. Others opinions of yourself shouldn’t matter, your opinion of yourself is what counts. Honestly, being my own bestfriend was the best decision I've ever made in my ENTIRE life. When it all comes down to it, if you don’t love yourself, nobody else will.  

Anyways, after being bullied so much, today I am able to laugh at the people who try to put me down. Its funny to me because the people that destroy you and the people that put you down, make you feel so motivated to be the person you’ve always wanted to be and for me that is, indestructible and being my OWN bestfriend. To me, my haters are the fuel to my fire. My fire being my goals and dreams.

Today, I can understand why I went through all of my hardships. I understood it by accepting. It honestly all starts with acceptance. I am now truly grateful for all the hardships I have gone through. Fuck, I never thought I would say that, but damn, I have become the woman I have wanted to become my whole life- sassy and indestructible.

So yes, I am a 17 year old, spending almost every minute and hour of my life thinking about my future. No I am not the average teenager, I don't have many friends, I was never considered cool. I never was the popular girl in high school. I spend almost every weekend, to this day, making outfits and envisioning future plans and goals. I know I’m far from normal. But that's okay, I am me, nobody else. I am Breanna Mules and I am a fighter and I will continue to execute and conquer. 

Now I know I've rambled on a lot but I wanted to tie all of this together in one post because I feel like I've just reached new and amazing levels in my life that I thought were unreachable before. If you’re still reading this kudos to you and thank you for being so amazing and following me.

Now for those of you who are still doubting themselves...

Tell yourself “I’m going to live each day a step closer to my dreams and I am going to kill it." 

Tell yourself "If I can't put my heart into it, then I'll take myself out of it." Lukewarm is no good."

Tell yourself "I have no limitations. There is no box. I don't believe in destiny. I will create my opportunities."

Follow you intuition, be an entrepreneur, be a go-getter, be courageous, a self-believer, listen to Kanye and his codes to self-esteem, read inspirational quotes and books. Have unremitting devotion. Be resilient and stay committed. Do not sit and whine. Remember, life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

Read that every day. Put your dreams into motion. You are going to make it happen. 

Saturday, 9 August 2014


This has to be my favorite gown ever because of its versatility and fit. Purchase as a two piece set- you also have the option to wear it as a gown, or alternatively, if you don't want any stomach exposure you can opt for the full gown. I not only love the sexiness of the dress ,but also the fit which enhances your curves and  the silver metallic colour that hits the sun and literally makes you sparkle and in additon to all of that, it photographs so beautifully- even in a mirror selfie. Have a look at my instagram and you'll see a few varied photos of it there. 

For those of you asking for where to buy a formal/evening gown for a special event you may have, my answer is right here. The craftmanship and design is perfection to a tee, that is, each gown being custom made to your requirements. 

You can purchase the gown/set here:

MUA: Cassandra at MAC David Jones

Monday, 21 July 2014


Model: Malissa Fedele
Photography: Christina Toulantas 
Bralette from:

Sunday, 1 June 2014


All clothing available from: or 'neontheory' on InstagramMake-up by: Alisha from MAC David Jones- AdelaideHair by: Bec from Lush on Unley

Sunday, 25 May 2014


Photographer by or 'neontheory' on Instagram
Make-up by: Nirvana or 'nivman' on Instagram
Clothing from:


Photographer by or 'neontheory' on Instagram
Make-up by: Nirvana or 'nivman' on Instagram
Gown from: