Saturday, 9 August 2014


This has to be my favorite gown ever because of its versatility and fit. Purchase as a two piece set- you also have the option to wear it as a gown, or alternatively, if you don't want any stomach exposure you can opt for the full gown. I not only love the sexiness of the dress ,but also the fit which enhances your curves and  the silver metallic colour that hits the sun and literally makes you sparkle and in additon to all of that, it photographs so beautifully- even in a mirror selfie. Have a look at my instagram and you'll see a few varied photos of it there. 

For those of you asking for where to buy a formal/evening gown for a special event you may have, my answer is right here. The craftmanship and design is perfection to a tee, that is, each gown being custom made to your requirements. 

You can purchase the gown/set here:

MUA: Cassandra at MAC David Jones