Thursday, 30 May 2013

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Formal Outfit

I had my formal last Friday on the 17th May, 2013. Like most outfits, I pre-plan months before, so this allowed me to purchase a dress from New York, from a store Reformation. I stumbled upon their online store, I was then obsessed. They all had such unique designs and they all oozed off a sense of confidence and coolness. As I was browsing through and stalking through all their items, I instantly fell in-love with the purchased the 'Charles Dress', my jaw was literally on the floor. I noticed that the material was made out of Spandex material which was the only worry about the dress, and also because Reformation uses recycled materials, however I thought I had to risk it all, the material and the shipping from New York, America to Adelaide, Australia just because of the exquisite and sexy cut and design of the dress. I also knew that no one would have my dress so I thought it was a must-have. I then thought of things to pair it with, so I paired it with a Mimco black and gold clutch for $79 reduced from $179, Nine West heels which I initially thought were some high-end brand that I would not be even able to afford for a number of years, which were only $80 from $140 and a Bardot ear cuff which was only $15 that shocked so many people because they thought it would have been, again, from a high-end brand that would cost an incredible amount. I adore the Bardot ear cuff because I initially was contemplating to persuade my parents to buy the Ryan Storer cuff ($220+) (as seen on Miranda Kerr and Lara Bingle) but I thought that would be ridiculous to spend that amount on formal as all the costs added up. I not only thought about the accessories, with the stylist mind-set I have, so I also planned on what nail colour, make-up and hair I would have. Of course, nothing went to plan with that because you obviously can't get what you exactly want. I planned to have black nails with a gold sparkly ring finger and a bronzy, golden smokey eye and my hair curled on the side an partly pinned at the back.

Here are some photos below.