Monday, 27 October 2014


Hi beautiful people!

I wanted to do an entire blog post for inexpensive clothing that I think you can't go wrong with. I get so many requests to do affordable looks and honestly, it's super hard for me because I have a very picky taste in fashion and what I like to post on my Instagram so I thought why share the websites I regularly check that offers affordable fashion. I'm not employed at the moment so the struggle is real for me, I also want everyone to know that you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars to look like a million bucks.

I've gone through a few of my favorite websites as listed below, that I regularly check. They all vary in pricing but for the most part, are reasonably priced.

From the range of websites I have listed above you're able to find everything you need for a timeless wardrobe! Happy shopping lovelies and if you have any more requests on what you would like my next blog post to be about just send a message through to :)

Hope you all found this post useful!
Breanna x


Anonymous said...

Love this! I completely agree with you - sometimes it's hard to shop when you have expensive taste and no money!


Sandra said...

Hi Breanna!
First of all i love ur style, i just started following u everywhere and i just bought my first ever celine phantom bag in beige just because it looks so amazing with every style u create. Now to the question, i live in Sweden, do u know how it works to order from the australian sites? Do u have to pay extra custom fees etc? Cause once i ordered a pair of shoes and i pais 150% more when they arrived.

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